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As you would expect, this theme is mobile-friendly thanks to its responsive design. Thanks to the improved loading times this can deliver, you can really help improve the user experience of your mobile visitors. When it comes to personalising this child theme for your project, you get flat UI 11 colour schemes to choose from, as well as multiple settings for customizing the look and feel of your website in more detail.

To help your visitors find their way around your website, Flatter makes use of two navigation systems. This includes a more traditional header menu, as well as a mega menu for displaying links to as much of your inner content as needed. With a home page coupon slider, user ratings, and forced opening of affiliate links, you should have no trouble building a suitably modern and fast loading coupon website with Flatter and WordPress. Couponis is a theme for creating coupon-style affiliate marketing websites with WordPress. The three homepage designs of Couponis give you a good selection of layouts to choose from when setting up your website.

Depending on which design you choose, your WordPress coupon website could feature a simple list of the categories on your site, a large slider, or a combination of links and a smaller slider. However, as Couponis includes a drag-and-drop page builder tool, you can easily add, remove, or rearrange any of the sections of your homepage. Thanks to the selection of elements and modules in the page builder tool, you can quickly populate any of the pages on your site with these components. For example, importing coupons into your website through the compatibility with the WP All Import plugin makes it very easy to quickly share new deals with your audience in just a few clicks.

You can also give your visitors the ability to submit coupons and other deals to your website through the front-end forms. Adding timers to coupons is straightforward too, thanks to the countdown feature that automatically removes deals from your website when they expire. Couponis is focused on helping you create and manage a successful couponing and deal site with WordPress. CouponXL includes all the features you need to build a professional discount coupon website.

Not only that, but this theme has the right type of design to immediately convey to your visitors that they have come to the best place to save money. Amongst the great features of this theme, you will find a live search tool to help your visitors find the best deals in their geographical location, as well as the type of offers and deals they want to save money with.

CouponXL also gives you the ability to allow your visitors to sign up and begin posting their own deals on your site. This feature could allow you to quickly build the number of coupons on your site, with very little effort required on your part. If you want to monetize your site in this way, you can configure the theme to request a payment from your visitors, in exchange for them listing their deals. The type of coupons that can be added to your website when using the CouponXL WordPress theme is very varied.

This includes printable coupons, affiliate link coupons, or more traditional, code-based discount coupons. This theme also has the ability to accept XML files. This allows you to quickly import large amounts of content, including coupon deals, into your website in just a few clicks. Coupon has been designed for hobbyists and those who want to create a coupon website as part of their business. The stylish design of the default homepage of Coupon from the MyThemeShop team is perfect for displaying all of your best deals.

However, as this is a WordPress theme, you can easily switch the default settings to display your latest blog posts on the homepage page of your site — ideal for those who are bloggers first and foremost but still want access to all the best coupon publishing features. Coupon has six other homepage layouts for you to choose from so be sure to check out the website demos for this theme. Regardless of which demo you choose or how you decide to use this theme, you can quickly import the content and tools into your WordPress website in just a few clicks.

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There are also narrated tutorial videos to help you make the most of this theme. Coupon is packed with useful features and customization options to help you create the right type of coupon and deal site with WordPress. Couponer aims to make it as easy as possible to build a daily deals or discount code website with WordPress. Although the homepage design and layout of your website is highly customizable when using this theme, if you use the default configuration, your visitors will have no trouble finding exactly what they are looking for.

Upon arrival at your website, deal-hunters can quickly search for their favourite store, or browse the coupons by category. Couponer also gives you the ability to turn your website into a membership service and require your visitors to sign up in order to access some, or all of your coupons.

If you do activate this option, you have the choice of making your membership area a free or paid service.

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This WordPress coupon theme comes complete with a large selection of widgets and page templates. The widgets make it very easy to display a range of content from your website. This includes the daily deals, popular shops, and a lot more. The page templates cover all the essential pages a website of this type should have. This includes an FAQ, coupon submission pages, contact page, expiring deals, and a many other useful templates.

This includes a mobile-responsive design, retina-support, email newsletter service integration, and live search. This all adds up to make Couponer a great choice for creating a deals website with WordPress. CouponHut is a newly released theme that has been created specifically for creating a couponing and discount code website with WordPress.

This means are you can easily add a blog to your coupon website, as well as online shopping capabilities, and a whole lot more. By choosing this theme, you can add full screen background videos to any of the pages on your site, including the homepage; make use of the fully mobile responsive design; choose from the 10 custom widgets, and create personalized designs with the integrated page builder tool.

To help make your coupon website more of a community driven project, this theme gives you the option of enabling user submissions of deals and discounts. This extra content can help your website grow faster and make it a more useful resource for your target audience. CouponHut includes support for publishing both coupons and discount codes, making it a flexible choice for a publishing a wide range of deals. Custom widgets that make for easier social sharing are ready to propel your website virally and an advanced control panel plus an ad management tool gives Deals a powerful yet intuitive user interface.

ReHub has everything needed to help you launch a successful coupon website with WordPress. ReHub is actually a multi-purpose WordPress theme that can be used to create many different types of websites, including high-quality coupon sites. However, as this theme can be used to build community, business directory, product comparison, reviews, and multi-vendor marketplace websites to name just a few, you get access to an impressive set of features for your coupon site with ReHub. Due to all the features of this theme, you can easily enhance your coupon site to include lots of extra functionality.

In fact, as the ReHub package includes so many different content templates and layouts, you can easily add additional pages and sections to your coupon site and offer your visitors even more reasons to return to your website in the future. To help you monetize your coupon site, ReHub has a good selection of advert locations, allowing you to earn money from networks like Google AdSense or work directly with advertisers.

ReHub also has good support for the best affiliate marketing plugins, making it easy to add monetized affiliate links to different products and vendors that generate commission each time a transaction is completed by one of your visitors. Through the community and membership features of this theme, you can charge your visitors a fee to access your best deals or offer users the ability to submit their own deals and coupons as part of a paid subscription deal.

ReHub has a strong focus on conversion rates so if you want more of your visitors to take action, this theme could be for you. The theme comes with six unique skins to choose from. A wide variety of included textures allow users to pattern the background design to complement their content and brand.

A free license of the Revolution Slider is included and can be installed in one click. Koupon is a child theme of Clipper and inherits all the same functionality. An advertising module allows you to easily insert affiliate or direct ad banners. The Coupon Theme has a minimal design but powerful options.

For instance, the theme comes with a function to set coupons to automatically expire and delete on a certain date, which alerts users to the availability of the coupon. Like Clipper, Coupon Theme allows users to add their own codes, with the option to charge them according to custom packages, or by memberships. Users can easily download or print the displayed coupons. All affiliate links can be cloaked. A custom mailing list widget is packaged with the theme. Comre features a homepage layout that will display your best deals to your visitors.

From there, your audience can delve into the inner pages of your website to discover more of your discounts and coupon codes. However, as this is a fully flexible theme, you are free to set it up in any way you like. Comre also makes use of a detailed theme options control panel. Through these settings, you can adjust the way your site looks and functions, helping you to get it just right. We highly recommend to check out the Why Us page and see what else Kinsta has to offer. Getting started with creating your first coupons website using WordPress is simple and easy.

By following our recommendations and outlined steps — you should have a fully functional site operating within an hours time. And should you come across problems, have questions, or simply wish to learn more — you can pop down into our comments section below and share your feedback directly. How can i buy Coupon WP?? Thanks for sharing this article. WordPress is indeed the best way to create a coupons site. Because it allows you to add offers one by one. Also, you can import coupons in bulk using CSV format to save your time. There are many coupon API available by which coupon can be automatically gets imported in the website..

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Skip to content The Blog Our most recent news and updates. The Most Important Features of a Coupon Website If you examine the characteristics of several websites in a particular niche, you will quickly learn about the different features that help to streamline the user experience for that particular niche. Here are the most important features that your coupon website needs: Membership — Allowing users to become members on your site helps those users to maintain a regular interaction with their favorite deals.

Furthermore, membership allows your users to submit special deals of their own, helping you to create additional content with no extra cost on your side. Search — WordPress does have a Search function by default, but oftentimes the default search functionality is not enough to cover an entire site of coupons. You need a Search feature that can dig into different categories, store names, and even specific offers.

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Mobile Design — In this time and age, more users browse their favorite websites from handheld devices rather than desktop computers. Promotional Widgets — These type of widgets are generally used across coupon sites to promote special deals and to advertise partner brands with higher visibility. Apart from making money with direct coupon promotion, your other avenue of revenue making is going to be promotions and sponsorships.

Here is a rundown of the best WordPress features, especially for coupon websites. Developers create not only standalone niche themes but also thorough frameworks which can act as great core foundations for a growing brand. Once you download WordPress, you have complete and utter freedom over the process of adding new features, elements and functionality to your site. In this area, WordPress is without question one of the best platforms for benefiting from community resources.

There is the official WordPress documentation , but also hundreds of highly-revered community sites that focus on writing the best guides for making the most out of WordPress. Monetization — Once your site starts to attract a reasonable audience, you will want to plan out the steps to take in order to monetize your website. Theme Features: Coupon Listings — Aesthetic design combined with a listing system gives you all the tools you will ever need to deliver coupons seamlessly. Specify details like an expiration date and have old coupons disappear from the main listings to focus solely on working deals alone.

Modal Box — Forget about using plugins to promote special deals through modal boxes. WP Coupon gives you a simple method for adding popup boxes that showcase coupon information. Optimized Display Options — Each listing has a success meter, coupon usage statistics, and quick to access sharing links. Visitors can send a coupon code to an email address instantly from the coupon page. Further, WP Coupon adds a comment section so that community members can leave feedback based on their experience.

Now you can focus on writing interesting content on top of sharing amazing deals! As you can tell, we do have a great deal of unique and authentic features to work with. Coupon Listings Fundamentally, the coupon listings pages is what defines the feel and style of your website. Stores, Brands, and Categories The less amount of time it takes for visitors to find something, the more likely those visitors are going to come back to your site frequently.

SSL is now a required standard in order to be recognized by Google Search Engine as a reputable source of content. Managed Backups — All your site data is backed up on a daily or an hourly basis, each and every day. On top of that, backups are automatic and stored for however long you require. This feature provides incredible site-speed benefits, which are a significant factor for SEO optimization. If you were to manage a hosting server on your own, any additional support would be a massive expense to you.

The features include: Server-based page caching optimized for WordPress.

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Security configurations built for WordPress. Tools to quickly create a new site, or to migrate an existing site elsewhere. Clear website cache from within the dashboard. Do this on mobile, too! Analytical data that displays bandwidth usage, performance ratio, and different stats for file accessibility. Unique database tools to help you mass-manage site content. For example, you can change specific text to have a unique URL added to it. Conclusion Getting started with creating your first coupons website using WordPress is simple and easy. Thanks for this article.

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Wordpress is the best way to create coupons sites. Wow this is very useful blog, thanks for sharing with us.