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Cash Back Offers are subject to these terms. Puritan's Pride Cash Back Offers. Bulletproof Cash Back Offers. I will note that in my Platinum Perk article. Platinum members got 2 bonus offers. There were also 2 bonus offers released within the same redemption period, but they had different codes. Some of these offers were also mailed. Yes, once again, the dates overlapped, but this was a different code. That was obviously not a consolation prize, because general codes are available to anyone and have a lot of restrictions. If it is not at Ulta, I can do it at Sephora in November. An early to mid December offer has been a staple for many years.

Yes, this overlapped the sixth offer, but as you can see, it was a different code. A late October offer has been a staple for many years. In past years, this offer came in July. I was able to use my coupon for it anyway. My husband and I were still together, and I told him about this deal when we discussed gifts.

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Sorry I do not have a screenshot and I am not going to post one that belongs to someone else either. This offer has fluctuated from late June to late July over the years. In the past, this April offer was usually for everyone. There was no February offer in so this was a new redemption time.

That is the only date it was valid, and it included fragrance. Most prestige coupons have a longer redemption period so this was rare. This offer was only emailed, and it was only valid online. The only other time I remember seeing a one day, online only prestige offer was in October of Hopefully, we do not see any more of these. I prefer more time and the in store redemption option, just in case. Let me know below. Whenever there is an exclusive or unique Ulta Beauty offer, I will note that above. Coupons are almost always available. Ulta encourages deal stacking. See all Ulta articles.

I LOVE your blog!!! Like Like. Things change all the time, and I have not tested that since I hope it is still the case. Thanks for letting me know. I will try to confirm this as soon as possible so I can update the info above. Since you tried in store first and online second, I will try it the other way around.

I gave away my email code, but I still have my postcard. Someone gave me an extra code so I was able to confirm that my postcard did not work in-store after I redeemed it online. The extra code did not work online after I redeemed it in-store. I even blacked out the online code as best I could before I redeemed the in-store code, and it still would not work.

That means the codes are actually tied together. As I had not used a code in-store and online since I mostly just shop online to get better deals , I cannot pinpoint exactly when this change took place. Thanks again for the heads up. Without your comment, I may not have checked it out. The April coupon did not go to all platinum members. Only select platinum members is what Ulta told me when I inquired.

I will note that above.

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That said, it says it is a Platinum Perk. How can it be a Platinum Perk if not all Platinum or higher members get it? I truly believe customer service agents claim some offers only go to select members, because they do not know how or want to take the time to find new offers for those who are missing theirs. Thus, they give a blanket response. Yes, a lot of offers are targeted, but I only remember one time in where some members got their codes in late June and other members got their codes in late July.

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Other than that, I have received a code every time. If I get an extra code, I will email I see your email address for the comment you made it to you. So far, I have only received one this round.

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  • My replies do not seem to be going through. Diamond and Platinum members did not get a new code today just the same code from before emailed again. Each member has only received one code so far this round. Members who have not received a code do not seem to have luck in getting one issued by calling customer service.

    While some people have reported success with that in the past, it has been a long time since I have heard of customer service giving a code when the member did not receive it. Most members get a blanket response that the offers are targeted. My son has a pretty new account so it is too early to say he gets all the regular offers. Better Health Coupons.

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