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Use of LoungeBuddy requires registration and is subject to the terms of use, promotional code policy, and privacy policy. Offer valid at participating locations. Scott is a former scientist and business student who created Travel Codex to unravel the complexity of travel loyalty programs. After 11 years in Seattle, he now lives in Austin with his wife and flies over , miles every year.

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We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar. The resulting content assets — charts, graphs, ROI metrics, reviews, and case studies — can then be published to make a business case. SurveyMonkey bought TechValidate in to help customers get more out of survey data.

Relevant charts quantifying customer data and feedback metrics are generated by TechValidate and can be downloaded and added to a PowerPoint for presentations as well as Word, Excel, and InDesign for reports and marketing materials. TechValidate updates charts and graphs online with up-to-the-minute accuracy that reflects the latest customer questionnaire responses. A user needs only to download and replace outdated imagery, presentations, reports, and marketing materials for revised content.

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TechValidate content is even indexed by Google, streamlining it for SEO while increasing business visibility. Survey questions come in many forms to collect as much customer data as possible. Customers prefer quick, short surveys but also a platform that makes them feel their voices are heard. For many customers, the motivation to complete a survey is to affect change for the better. They want companies to hear their voices. Enabling that motivation through forms that let customers express themselves fully in a minimum amount of time and effort strengthens the bond between businesses and end users to mutual benefit.

Businesses make more money when customer needs are met. LoungeBuddy was created specifically to help mobile users have more enjoyable traveling experiences. It achieved this by listening to survey takers and anticipating their needs. Without a platform like SurveyMonkey, LoungeBuddy would be missing out on information like how many airport dwellers have access to lounges or how motivated those travelers are to find them.

The data LoungeBuddy collected with SurveyMonkey helped the company understand fliers and determine the most suitable lounges and rest areas for them. In turn, LoungeBuddy became the number one app in its space. SurveyMonkey offers many positives for businesses seeking growth. It is a great addition to any marketing arsenal, especially web-based businesses. SurveyMonkey makes it easy to create unique surveys with a variety of question types and flow logic, and then, with the help of TechValidate, makes it easy to analyze and act on the resulting data.

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Companies, like LoungeBuddy, depend on user input to improve their products and understand their markets. Ask a question and Sean will respond to you.

We strive to provide the best advice on the net and we are here to help you in any way we can. Sean Garrity is a Managing Editor at HostingAdvice with more than 10 years of experience researching, writing, and editing for numerous industry-specific trade publications. His goal is to keep organizations and entrepreneurs informed on the latest trends and technologies that can help them streamline operations and thrive online.

By: Sean Garrity Posted: April 20, Follow "The Hosting Blog" daily as hosting experts, programmers, and tech managers go in depth on a variety of tech-related topics. Surveys are a convenient, powerful way for companies to get inside the minds of consumers. Questions or Comments? Ask Sean!

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