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Error - NULL not valid. Do the coupons print out unique serial or barcode? If not, print to a pdf printer and then you can print the pdf file. Microsoft VBScript runtime error 'ad' Message too boring in signature. L5: Journeyman. Proxy might not be your best bet, since a lot of IP checkers blacklist popular servers.

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Quote from yjchung :. Temporally unavailable. Quote from freebiesheaven :. Quote from evantheking :. Finzz bit me!! You ever think maybe they only want you printing coupons for a reason and cheating the system is hard because it's cheating the system? Quote from slickdeals :. Quote from Maleficent :.

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PMS in reverse. They can go as far as giving your HDD an id. That, we think, is the root of our troubles. After reading how these coupon gizmos work, it makes me wonder if you could workaround these limitations using a virtual machine, or even Sandboxie.

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So if the coupon generator depends on any form of persistence, it's not going to work. If it also uses some sort of unique ID generated from hardware components similar to activation , then I wonder what would happen in the case of a VM where the hardware is virtualized i.

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  4. Anyway, since I don't use these coupons, I've never bothered to investigate possible avenues for thwarting the system. But if I was interested, these are definitely some of the angles I would consider. If you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan, period. No one will take it away, no matter what. L7: Teacher. I have never used a VM or virtual machine. I downloaded one, but its not as easy as you state.

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    More instructions would be helpful. But thanks so far. Quote from dude :. Quote from fyu :. Page 1 of 2. Sorry, this thread is closed. Add a Comment. If you continue to subsidise your customers, chances are low they will turn profitable. Nowadays, basket retargeting is a must campaign in every company.

    That will only make them used to the scheme. Based on the case example above, restrictive coupons can be abused by signing up with different accounts, using different email addresses and changing IPs. Fortunately, tech companies identified these tricks and suggested improvements. For a more secure coupon, use hard to tamper customer identity parameters and limit voucher usage to device fingerprint or user agent data, not account.

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    Advanced enterprises can also observe and learn on common fraudster behaviour to block voucher redemptions of similar patterns. To acquire new customers, distribute unique codes across social media campaigns or target those who are already engaged. A good idea is also to get into partnerships with companies that offer complementary products and distribute unique coupons directly to their customers.

    Monitor affiliates and agencies, track how much their revenue contribution is driven by vouchers and benchmark all together - any anomaly might indicate dishonest behaviour.

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    To not lose a vendor, simply direct your partner to decrease the voucher usage or set a limit upfront. Offering special deals can attract new customers and keep current ones engaged, but without a well-though coupon strategy, discounting can bring loses, even if generates lots of traffic at first. Interested in free coupon strategy consultation? Write an email to hello vouchery. Get started with coupons: 6 steps to build a strong foundation for your promotional strategy.

    From engagement to true love: 10 tactics to deepen the relationship with your Customer. How to prevent coupon abuse? December 1, Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. August 6, What is the most effective marketing tool for improving customer engagement?