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This policy was updated April 17, It can be found on the Meijer website. Did you find any other coupon policy changes?

Meijer Corporate Coupon Policy

Meijer management way too cheap to pass along any corporate tax savings to their workers from what i have heard. What a royal pain in the arse now to only be allowed a max of two like coupons per transaction! I seriously doubt the sincerity of Meijer management. More savvy Meijer shoppers need to angrily complain about their antiquated 20th century management.

Meijer Stores That Double Coupons???

As for how much is ordered, it is usually computer generated based on previous sales. Kroger just negotiated a new contract with union workers in my city. You can Google for full details. Rainchecks are no longer given for weekly mega sale items or two day sale items.

Shop with me! Target and Meijer

Just like at any other retailer certain cashiers are definitely NOT couponer friendly. Many cashiers have no clue what the hell they are talking about concerning coupons so you must know your stuff or be prepared to lose the battle before it even begins.

Meijer Corporate Coupon Policy

A computer does it. Sale items come in on skids through out the week and what you get is what you get. Sorry to burst your bubble. Kroger has computer ordering but they can add more if they need to.

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  • My area Meijer stores were continually being wiped clean of inventory, sometimes on the first day of a sale. I was told by management that certain couponers were demanding cases of product from the back after wiping the shelves clean.

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    6. Meijer: Coupon Acceptance Policy Changes • Bargains to Bounty!

    If the new policy allows everyone a fair shot at getting in on a promotion, then I commend Meijer for taking care of its loyal followers instead of serving the needs of the cherry pickers. Thanks to greed on the part of a few, we all will now pay the price as Meijer limits like manufacturer coupons to 2 per transaction. Meijer had no choice but to address an issue that had gotten out of hand and was turning away faithful shoppers who had grown tired of seeing empty shelves. In most cases, Meijer will follow any given instructions.

    In addition, it does not double its own printed or digital coupons — those will be accepted at face value.

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    Some stores offer coupon doubling — and even tripling — meaning the store will match the value of the coupon to give you additional savings. Meijer accepts the following types of coupons :. Meijer doubles some third-party coupons, but it does not double its own printed or digital coupons. Even though they appear to be eligible to double — they aren't.

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