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Here in Germany, I have access to many German stores. As a military wife, I also have two stores, the Commissary and PX which contain American products from home and are a benefit to military families. Read your coupons closely, some will have a maximum number of the same coupon you can use for example, I have a stack of Tyson chicken coupons- they do not have a limit, so I can use 10 of the same coupon to buy 10 chickens if I wanted to and some do not.

The best way to really save at the Commissary is to watch the clearance shelf in the back, and watch for sales.

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The policy at the PX is a little different. They DO allow stacking, but do not give overages. The PX often has sales, especially on toiletries and makeup, which work out to an almost free product when you use a coupon. Their eye shadows, which are normally 2. With a little planning, you can purchase many things for pennies of what you would pay otherwise.

Couponing at Walmart and the Commissary - Free Coffeemate Half and Half

This is where I have found my biggest savings couponing- things like toothbrushes, soap, toothpaste, deodorant, and make-up are marked down on sale deeply enough that I have been able to stock up on many items for free, or close to free. Other products I use often, like laundry detergent and diapers have often have coupons too- and I cringe now thinking of all the packages of Huggies I purchased in the past without a coupon.

Christi the Coupon Coach has tons of advice on finding coupons online, and in the states. For military couponers overseas, there are many organizations in the states that ship expired coupons here for us to use. While stationed overseas, you can use coupons up to 6 months after their expiration date, so let family members or your coupon crazy friend in the states know to ship their old coupons to you! Proud Military Wife and Homeschool Mama to four wild and wonderful little people. I am a curriculum junkie, and hoard way too many different programs in my classroom closet, which has now taken over the home office.

If I am not teaching the kiddos, talking too much on my blog, or napping; I am eating excessive amounts of cake. You can never have too much cake. You are amazing!

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So thrilled to see your pictures- very cool! Your email address will not be published. Also a list of clipped coupons in case you find a great deal and want to get a few or just prefer to order clipped inserts in lieu of whole coupon inserts. Know that it is against the law to sell coupons, you are paying for their time to get the inserts, post the inserts, package the inserts and so forth.

If it is clipped coupons you are paying for their time to clip the coupons and so forth.


I personally do NOT buy coupons but many people do. I use my resources to find coupons through coupon trains, coupon swaps, trading with people on different Facebook pages and so on! If you team with a friend s or family member to go half on the shipping cost it makes it very reasonable to order the inserts.

Here is a list of different places to order whole coupon inserts:. Ebay also has both clipped and inserts for sale!

How To Send Expired Coupons To Military Families Overseas

Please comment below if you know of others you would like to share. Thanks Fan Natalie for compiling this list! Here is the link to their coupon policy: Click here to read and print the Exchange policy. Things you should know about shopping at the Exchanges:.

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Yankee Candle coupons can be used at the Exchanges:. Here is my post and the comments from the Exchanges on their facebook pages:. Things you should know when using coupons at the Commissary Defense Commissary Agency :. Make sure to like on Facebook:. They are really good at responding. If you ever have a problem on a shopping trip make sure to contact them on Facebook. I have found this to be a very good way to get answers and to make comments.

How to Live the Frugal Life in Paradise. Hawaii Shopaholics. Tag Archives: Commissary. Also a percentage of their sales goes out to charity!! I suggest if you have over 5 coupons or ordering coupons and know what deals you want to special order the day you order your coupons to ensure you get the deal you want.

A Guide to Using Coupons at the Commissary - The Krazy Coupon Lady

I suggest you order a couple extra in case you get a couple extra coupons through coupon swaps. You do not need to take the order when it comes in if you already purchased the items. You only pay for the order after it comes in and only if you still want it. You can use coupons on special orders. You can use foreign language coupons as long as the english translation is printed on the coupon.

The commissary does allow overages, and if you subtotal is negative they will give you cash back.

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  6. You canNOT stack coupons, meaning if you have manufacturer and military store coupon you will have to purchase items for each coupon. Military store coupons are actually manufacturer coupons issued to military stores and are only valid at military stores. You will notice the UPC starts with a 5 which indicates it is a manufacturer coupon.

    You can NOT stack coupons at the commissary. If you have questions please ask. It is very informative.

    Update:Commissary Rewards Cards Are Available at More Commissaries Now…Details Here!

    Things you should know about shopping at the Exchanges: They do not allow overage so if your item is less than the price of the coupon, the coupon will be adjusted down to the coupon They have Facebook coupons and coupons in the sales ad. You can stack an Exchange coupon with a manufacturer coupon for additional savings. A military store coupon is a manufacturer coupon. An exchange coupon will say Exchange coupon.