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Make sure to dress appropriately for the weather if you are walking to the museum. The walk goes over a windy bridge so be prepared if the weather is cool or rainy. If you do drive in the museum garage gets filled quickly. If they are out of spots you can park at the Galleria Mall which is only a few minutes away.

If you are able to park in the museum garage remember that members get a discount. Visiting the Museum of Science is a great way to spend the day and, with a bit of planning, you can save time and money. Disclosure: The above post may contain affiliate links. I may earn a small commission from purchases made through these links, at no additional cost to you. Anything recommended on this website is a products I have used and loved. Thank you for supporting Remake My Plate and allowing me to share my experiences with you.

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Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. J and P Scooter Adventures. Toggle Navigation. April 28, Tip 1: Check your local library for discounts on passes Often local libraries will have discount coupons for local museums. Tip 2: Save money by purchasing a membership Tickets are sold individually for the exhibit halls, Omni theater, butterfly garden, 4-D theater and the planetarium. Tip 4: Decide on which live presentation or shows you want to see first Grab a schedule on the way in and pick 2 or 3 presentations or shows to check out.

Tip 5: The best times to visit the Museum of Science The museum can be crowded during school vacations as well as rainy weekends. Subscribe to our newsletter for New England day trip and travel information. It was the first institution to combine all types of science and technology under one roof. The science center was commonly referred to as the Boston Museum of Natural History throughout the 19th century.

Over the next century, the museum continued to expand and eventually outgrew its space.

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The current museum opened in after three years of construction. The Charles Hayden Planetarium opened three years later. Over the ensuing decades, the museum continued to grow and expand through a series of renovations. The main entrance straddles the boundary between the cities of Boston and Cambridge, which is delineated by a marker etched in the floor inside the museum.

In addition to hosting various temporary exhibits, the Museum of Science boasts an extensive permanent collection of science-oriented artifacts, objects and memorabilia. Museum displays include several pieces from its original 19th-century collection.

6 Of The Best Tips For Your Boston Museum Of Science Trip

Other exhibits enable visitors to discover how mathematics plays a role in daily life, the science behind electricity and the laws of motion. You can also learn about dinosaurs and fossils, the human body and nanotechnology. While the Yawkey Gallery demonstrates the connection between the natural world and numerous man-made designs, the To the Moon exhibit enables you to learn how astronauts explored outer space. You can also discover the science behind light and color as well as geological formations. The Science in the Park exhibit highlights the scientific laws that affect the human body as it swings, runs, slides and jumps on the playground.

See how maps have chronicled the changing landscape of human history, and discover the process required for wind, water and solar power to produce renewable energy.

The Red Wing features the Discovery Center where visitors can participate in experiments and speak with scientists. The planetarium features a variety of star shows throughout the day that provide an awe-inspiring glimpse of the heavens. The IMAX theater surrounds patrons with larger-than-life images of natural beauty. There is also an exhibit highlighting the genius of Leonardo da Vinci.

The science center opens daily at 9 a. Here is a sample search of museum discounts in San Diego that I just popped into the app. Some museums have discounted prices for certain hours.

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Meaning if you come for the last 2 hours, admission is free or deeply discounted. We personally go to museums after lunch because people with kids tend to leave before lunch time or shortly after because their children are either exhausted or ready for a nap. We have a whole post about libraries and how amazing they are.

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People usually think you can only get books and maybe movies from the library. The reality is, there is so much more. We recently had the library print the Eiffel Tower using a 3D printer. But I digress. If your library is awesome like ours is, you may also be able to use your library to rent passes to local museums.

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We can rent museum passes and state park passes. They are continuously working to add more cities, so be sure to keep checking their site before you jet off on your next trip. Some museums do not charge admission at all. For Colorado, I did exactly that and found a list within seconds.

Maybe you do your research and they all suck. But at least you checked for viable solutions before just shelling out money. You may be surprised by how many wonderful museums are free across the US. A simple search on Google will reveal list after list of free museums in all parts of of the country. Keep saving, you Frugal Wallets, you! What museum discounts have you gotten before? Leave us a comment below.

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I laughed so hard at your BoA comment! Glad you found this useful! We went to the science museum in London today that was donation only and I had to donate for the same reasons! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The Frugal Wallet.