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For a brief magical time, the Queen will allow you to become one of her loyal subjects! You can be anything, be it a peasant, knight, princess, pirate, or even superhero. The Faire is your playground where you can become whatever suits your fancy. Each day at the Faire, courageous knights engage in battles of skill to entertain the Queen and her subjects, so be sure to cheer on the knight of your choice during the legendary full-contact joust in the World Tournament of Champions Arena.

Then, meander through the marketplace and shop from a variety of master artisans offering old world designs, hand-crafted works of art, blown glass, knives and swords, leather, wood, jewelry and much more. Each weekend, the Renaissance Faire offers special themes and discounts, like the crowd-favorite Pirate Invasion and the military discount weekend.

In addition to these themed celebrations, every weekend features delightful performances, including comedy shows, fortune tellers, sword fights and more. Historically, all structures, including the gates, stages, booths, shops and arenas utilized in the Northern California Renaissance Pleasure Faires have been mobile. The booths and craft shops utilized and owned by the individual vendors were moved onto the site for the Faire and then removed by them.

The Company believes that this long-term lease agreement will eventually allow these structures to remain in place year-round and provide the opportunity for additional income-generating events other than the Renaissance Faire. Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire.

In the Faire ran eight weekends and in seven weekends beginning the first week of May. In and , the Company sponsored a School Days event in conjunction with Events Group Corporation which was held on the Faire site in the month of May. This is a ten-year lease with two five-year options to extend. Rent on this property is based on a percentage of gross revenues, which ranges during the first ten-years of the lease, from four to seven percent with a guaranteed minimum rental payment.

In the past, the Southern Renaissance Pleasure Faire site was only occupied during the operating season and was vacated following completion of the Faire.

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Accordingly, all structures were mobile and transported to the Northern Renaissance Faire site for storage during the off-season. With the long-term lease, the Company is now able to make permanent improvements to the site and reduce its annual set-up cost for the Faire. New York Renaissance Faire. In and the Company operated two School Day events. The property has long been the home of the New York Renaissance Faire. The leased property includes a site for a Ski Center. The lease allows Faire Partners to sell the property on which the ski area operates.

NorCal Renaissance Faire 2018 @ Casa de Fruta Hollister, Ca

Should Faire Partners sell the property, the lease provides that the Company's rent payments and the buyout provision would be decreased in an amount proportional to the selling price of the property. Virginia Renaissance Faire. The proceeds of the sale were used to retire the first and second mortgages on the property with excess funds set aside for use as working capital.

The Company does not anticipate future expenditures as a result of the Virginia closure. Typically, there is little turnover in vendors from one season to the next. The loss of any one or more vendors would not have a material adverse effect upon a particular Faire. At the Bristol Renaissance Faire site there were approximately vendors in and At the Southern California Faire there were approximately vendors in and vendors in At the Northern California Faire there were approximately vendors in and vendors in At both California Faires, craft shops and booths are owned by the vendors.

At the New York Faire site there were approximately vendors in and The decision to charge a flat fee or a percentage of revenues is based on several factors, including the custom of a particular Faire and the extent to which vendors must invest in the construction of their booths. The advantage to the Company of the flat fee method is that it is easier to monitor and is more predictable.

The advantage to the Company of the percentage method is that the Company may participate to a greater extent as Faire attendance increases. Vendors occupy their booths and shops pursuant to written lease agreements that have a term of one year, and require renewal by both the vendor and the Company. Under these agreements, each vendor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Company from any liability that may arise by virtue of the vendors' activities at a Faire. Nevertheless, the Company maintains general public liability insurance which also provides coverage for such risks.

A Renaissance Faire generates revenues from numerous sources, including gate admissions, beverage sales, parking fees, food sales, craft fees, game fees, camping fees, souvenir sales and sponsorship fees. The following table shows the Company's revenues during the and seasons from each of these activities. Gate Admissions. The Company has a large group sale and advance sale program that provides discounted tickets. Admission provides the guest with all-day continuous entertainment on multiple stages. Major entertainment acts include full contact jousting, falconry, variety acts, sword duels, Shakespearean vignettes and authentic belly-dancing.

Beverage Income.

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The Company sells beer, wine and soft drinks at each Faire. Parking Income. Food Revenue. The food concessions at all of the Company's Faires are run by independent vendors. Vendor Fees. Each Faire has approximately to independent vendors who sell their goods to Faire patrons. Most of the craft items are handmade by the artists who often demonstrate the making of their wares at the Faire. At the Bristol, Southern California and New York Faires, vendors are required to build their own booth or shop, and either pay a flat annual fee or a percentage of their gross income.

Souvenir Revenue. At each Faire, the Company sells souvenir t-shirts, sweatshirts, beer mugs, books and other high quality merchandise. Sponsorship Fees. The Company solicits sponsorship arrangements. Some sponsors also participate in joint advertising campaigns. Camping Fees.

The Company allows employees and independent vendors limited camping at the Faire sites during the Faire season. The Company provides portable restroom facilities, showers and security for campers. The campers are charged and pay a fee for these services. The Company markets its Faires as entertainment events for the whole family, which also include shopping and food. Marketing is accomplished through local television and radio stations which, from time-to-time, and often in conjunction with other advertisers, conduct live broadcasts from the Faires.

Supplementing this television and radio advertising, newspapers and billboards provide essential information to the general public regarding the cost of admission, location and times of operation.

Theme Weekends

Artistic brochures and fliers are directed toward groups for advance sales campaigns. The Company has also undertaken a "Sponsorship" campaign. Agreements with some sponsors have included joint advertising, sponsorship fees, and product giveaways. Since , the Company has conducted matinee programs called School Days that are designed to provide an educational experience in combination with lively entertainment for school children.

In , the Company held three daily events at two of its Faire sites with 12, individuals attending. In , the Company held three daily events at two Faire sites with 12, individuals in attendance. The Company generates its revenue primarily from the production of Renaissance Faires. Since they are exclusively outdoor events, each Faire is scheduled for the time of year most likely to minimize the risks and hazards of inclement weather.

With four Faires in various U. The spread of Faires over a six-month period, and the geographic spread across the West coast, East coast, and Midwest, helps to assure that inclement weather in one particular geographic area at any particular time does not adversely threaten the Company's entire source of revenue. However, it is normal, for adverse weather, or even the forecast of adverse weather, to harm the financial results during certain weekends of any particular Faire. With the operation of the Sterling Forest Ski Center in New York, the potential for counter-seasonal revenue may help smooth the seasonality of the Company's revenue stream from the Renaissance Faires.

Each Faire is scheduled for a finite period that is determined substantially in advance in order to facilitate advertising and other promotional efforts. Since attendance at each Faire depends on the weather, poor weather conditions can result in substantial declines in attendance and loss of revenues. All of the Renaissance Faires' are open "rain or shine". The Company is also vulnerable to severe climatic events that are similarly beyond it's control but nevertheless could have a direct and material impact upon the Company's relative success or failure.

As a promoter and operator of family entertainment events, the Company faces significant competition from other more traditional entertainment alternatives, including amusement parks, theme parks, local and county fairs, and specialty festivals. At each of the markets in which the Company competes, there are many entertainment events which compete for the consumers' entertainment dollars. Many of these entertainment events have attendance and revenues substantially greater than the Company's Faires in such markets.

The Company competes on the basis of entertainment value and uniqueness of the Renaissance event. The Company emphasizes its Faires as an activity that appeals to the whole family. While there are more than annual entertainment events produced in the country with a Renaissance theme, there are approximately 20 major Renaissance Faire productions operated in major metropolitan areas throughout the country.

As families typically do not travel to distant metropolitan areas in order to attend a Renaissance Faire, the Company does not experience direct competition with those other major productions. More significant competition comes from other entertainment alternatives and smaller faire events in each location. Further, by the very nature of Renaissance Faires and the lack of protection afforded by trademark, service mark and unfair competition laws, there exist few barriers to entry into the industry, and there can be no assurance that other companies with substantially greater resources will not develop competing Faires in the metropolitan areas where the Company has established productions.

Because of the number of existing Faire productions with Renaissance themes, the Company does not rely upon trademark or service mark protection for the name "Renaissance Faire" in connection with its business. However, the Company did obtain in connection with its acquisition of Living History Center assets, an assignment of a California registration of the mark "Renaissance Pleasure Faire" which applies only to the state of California.

Further, it is possible that the Company could apply for and obtain trademark or service mark registrations on a state level for its other individual Faires, such as "Bristol Renaissance Faire" and other name-specific marks associated with the "Renaissance Faire" description as those names are acquired or developed.

While the Company may be able to protect a site-specific name for its productions, the Company does not consider this protection a significant deterrent to the entry of competitors into existing markets, given the limited barriers to such entry. As a producer of public entertainment events, the Company has exposure for claims of personal injury and property damages suffered by visitors to the Company's Renaissance Faires and Ski Center.

Independent vendors operating food concessions, games and rides are required to obtain liability insurance protection, and to provide the Company with proof of such coverage. A contingency exists with respect to this matter, the ultimate resolution of which cannot presently be determined. Other than the claim described above, the Company has experienced minimum claims that have been resolved quickly without litigation.

Material violations may also result in penalties and fines being assessed against the Company. The Company must also comply with all state and federal labor laws and regulations, including all minimum wage and overtime provisions. The Company believes that it is in compliance with all such laws, and does not anticipate that any existing law will have a material adverse impact upon the proposed business and operations of the Company.

Although future compliance cannot be assured in the event of future changes in such laws or the addition of regulations governing the proposed business and operations of the Company, the Company will, at all times, endeavor to take all feasible and required actions necessary to maintain compliance with such laws.

Each Faire has its own full-time staff as well as seasonal and temporary employees who are engaged during the Faire presentation. During Faire presentations, there are over street actors interacting with Faire patrons at any given time, with over 1, seasonal employees and volunteers. The Company trains its professional street actors, who perform under contract with the Company for a fixed fee. In addition, the Company invites numerous apprentice actors and actresses to its training programs to perform during the Faire on a volunteer basis.

Only after an actor or actress has gained a particular proficiency are they invited to become a fully-paid contract actor for the Company.

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The Company considers these offices to be suitable for its current needs. The Company has the right to acquire the property during the term of the lease. Transit is 3 blocks away, and goes to monterey or santa cruz. We can include a day pass to the Monterey Plaza Hotel Spa for a week booking or a complete Holiday listing! We can also offer a yoga flow class in the morning to get your day started! If you care to do hot yoga, play tennis or swim, we can get you passes to Carmel Valley Athletic Club.

We also have limited passes to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We have traveled the world, speak Spanish and French and a little Danish! We enjoy entertaining and will invite you to share meals with us, or you can enjoy complete privacy! There is parking in the driveway and on the street. You will have kitchen access but you are just a minute from 6 restaurants in downtown Castroville and 6 minutes from Marina, Moss Landing and Pajaro restaurants!

We have lived here 30 years and we bring a wealth of information in terms of activities, eateries, directions, coupons, discounts, early bird specials, etc.! We do have a lab and a French bulldog who are protective of this space. They love people but more animals would compromise the integrity of the pet free environment of this private room. Our neighbors are cool, but quiet. The bathroom is huge and has a porcelain tub and shower. We occasionally use it as it is in the hallway, but we have our own private bath. The third bedroom shares the hall bath as well.

There is a frig and washer and dryer just outside your room for your personal use! We aim to please! Please see recent photos of our home on Artichoke Capitol!! If the third bedroom is rented, the large hall bath will be shared. There is a half bath downstairs in case of overflow. This neighborhood is strongly supported by swiss Italian and Latinos who support the a.

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There are beautiful fruit and vegetable stands with fresh farm to table produce within walking distance! Beautiful 2-story villa with ocean views from both levels. Two master suites, walk to beach, cook your own meals in full kitchen or eat out with several restaurants nearby. Near Seascape Golf Course. Seascape Resort Villa - Ocean Views. A very special afternoon! A trail head is just down the road from us!

Property sets on 2. The Mountain House is a sq. Very private and gated with parking for over 10 cars. Large multi-level decks all around the house. Gourmet Kitchen within Great room and laundry with 42 inch flat panel, formal dining room, formal living room with built-in bar and 60 inch flat panel TV. Two wood burning fire places. One large master bedroom with king bed and two adjoining queen bedrooms with additional full bath with jetted tub.

There is also an additional powder room and an outdoor kitchen with multiple wood burning grills. The house is gated with approximately 10 cars parking space. Keywords: mountain, house, vacation, home, for, rental, country, retreat, private, secluded, great, views, near, in, monterey, county, off, highway, 68, by, laguna, seca, mazda,. This is a stand alone villa, with total privacy, no neighborhood only 10 houses on the whole mountain. However, it is a short drive to all what Monterey and Carmel offer. The Mountain House Estate.

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  • Up to 8 guests. Private 2BR villa with gourmet kitchen, formal dining room, 2 luxurious baths. Relax on your private deck, play bocce ball among view of mountains, gardens, meadows and vineyards.

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    This villa accommodates up to 8 guests with up to 4 Queen-sized beds 2 real, 2 airbeds. Additional suites available on the property - must be booked separately - see our host page or inquire with us for links. Free Internet and parking. This is a magical property and you will feel its positive energy from the moment you arrive. Explore the winding paths that weave through the ranch's beautiful hillside vineyard, covered with Cabernet, Cab Franc, Malbec, Grenache and Sauvignon Blanc vines. Enjoy a yoga retreat on the sun deck, in the bamboo garden or in the vineyard. Your luxurious suite looks out on the mountains with a clear view of sunrises, sunsets and stars.

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